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A Space for Disobedience

As mothers, artists, designers, and aspiring educators we have an opportunity to take a fresh look at the educational settings we are entering.
To that end we aim to pose fundamental questions around our educational structures, consider the ethics of care in teaching and attempt to unveil the hidden learning that takes place in these settings that contribute to social and educational inequality.
Moreover, we will attempt to highlight the hidden curriculum (Lynch, 1989) and within that issues of social class, hierarchical norms, and the lack of student voice.
We recognise the value of the student voice and moreover we recognise the potential benefits of including the disobedient voice in the curriculum conversation.

‘Curriculum is a complicated conversation’
Audrey Bryan 2021

Let’s decide to value disobedience and the interruption of educational structures as a means of recognising inequalities and creating equity in the learning space.