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iascaireacht taibhse: Is humanity’s future entangled in discarded fishing nets?

This body of work looks at Sustainable Development Goal 14; life below water.

A mutual admiration for the natural environment served as the driving force behind this project. The sculpture installation depicts the long-term effects of a steadily rising carbon dioxide (CO2) level. Excess CO2 is absorbed and stored by the water, resulting in an impending inhospitable environment for sea life. Due to the increase in CO2 levels, the sea produces less oxygen (O2) over time. A considerable reduction in the number of fish and flora that can be sustained in the water will eventually occur, resulting in a severe deficiency of O2 being released into our atmosphere. Due to the absence of O2, humans could eventually suffocate. Overfishing and Ghost fishing (when derelict fishing gear, such as lost or abandoned fishing nets, continues to fish without being controlled) is a major human contribution to reducing O2 levels in the water.

The goal of this project is to bring attention to the detrimental effects pollution, overfishing and rising CO2 levels are having on the ecosystem, particularly life below water.