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Rhythm Breath Time

I claim that in losing the spinning wheel we lost our left lung. We are, therefore, suffering from galloping consumption.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Our research began with an initial response to the
Sustainable Development Goal; Responsible consumption and
production. Through our own practice as artists, designers and
educators with a background working with a range of materials
including textiles we focused on production as a means of
making. Recognising the overproduction of textiles in our
world, subsequently highlights the over consumption of
products, media and information.

With the rise of technology creating an on demand
economy, we questioned the loss of process and time. The many
hands behind the making of products are now replaced by
machines, once slow processes are now instant. A recurring
effect of this advancement is the impact on people’s health &
wellbeing. Asking the question; ‘what is responsible
consumption & production’ it became clear that health &
wellbeing are intrinsically linked.

The practice of making can be therapeutic in its act,
fully immersing yourself in making shifts your focus, slowing
you down through rhythm and time in a place disconnecting you
from the fast paced society we live in. This meditative state
one enters when engaged in making is reminiscent of the
philosophical perspectives rooted in ancient well being practices.

We would like to recognise the contribution Eilís Cooney, Professional Master of Education, UCD has made to the work through her poetic response.