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Sowing a Tapestry of Biodiversity

The theme of disconnection with space and place brought us to consider our taut relationship with the natural world, particularly as citizens of a built urban environment. Examining this theme through an environmental lens, like ecologists lifting a magnifying glass to our eyes, we seek to explore the biodiversity crisis in Dublin city.

Our physical disconnect from nature perpetuates the social and emotional distancing from environmental issues, such as biodiversity, furthering its destruction. By not valuing the earth we are not valuing our roots. Human beings are inherently linked, interconnected and woven through the fabric of the natural world. As artists and designers, our line of inquiry is embedded in how we may reconnect, realign and stitch our values back into our tapestry of biodiversity.

We seek to value and respect the autonomy of our flora and fauna as equals to us, allowing them to recolonise and reclaim the space we have taken over.

We would like to recognise the contribution Níamh Murray, Professional Master of Education, UCD has made to the work through her poetic response.